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Okay, let’s take this “AAP ran away from Delhi” allegation. Here are the facts, should you choose to consider them at all:

* AAP did not win the most seats in Delhi. It won 28 out of 70. The BJP won 31 and had 1 external support. The Congress had 8. No one had majority.

* The BJP declined to govern when it was asked to. It “ran away”, and not the last time either as you’ll see. The assembly was in limbo, if you remember. There was talk of re-polls.

* The Congress offered AAP support from the outside -do note, the AAP didn’t ask for it. The AAP said “Hey, if you agree with us on the 18 laws we want to change, and if you agree in writing to support them, then we can break the deadlock and give Delhi a government. Else we are happy to stay where we are or go for a re-election.”

* The Congress - perhaps fearing a re-election where they would win even less, said yes, in writing.

* The AAP formed the Delhi government with the outside support of the Congress. In the first 7 weeks they passed 16 of the 18 laws they had promised to pass. This itself is unprecedented, if you choose to see it as such, and some sort of proof of governance, again if you choose to see it as such.

* The two laws they could not pass, because of staunch opposition from Congress and BJP, were the Jan Lok Pal bill and the Swaraj Bill. The Congress by now had gone back on its written word, and they teamed up with the BJP who were also afraid of their corrupt netas and even more corrupt sponsor Ambani being found out, and opposed these bills.

* Perhaps the tipping point was the FIR filed against Mukesh Ambani and Reliance for attempting to steal Rs. 25,000 crores from the coffers through artificially inflated gas prices. In a clear show of who actually directs the Congress and BJP, both parties came together 3 days after the Ambani FIR to vote down the AAP-proposed bills and in effect, end the AAP government.

* Faced with this, the AAP had a choice - they could either compromise and govern Delhi under the proxy thumb of the Congress-BJP-Reliance combine - or they could resign and seek a fresh mandate from the people- and get the 36+ seats they needed, to rule Delhi the way the voters wanted.

* The AAP resigned and asked the Lieutenant Governor to call fresh elections right away to see if they could the full mandate to govern without compromise. This was a few months ago.

* At this point, both the BJP and Congress, in unison protested and said they were too busy doing other things to care about fighting elections in Delhi. In effect, both of them ran away again. So Delhi suffers under no rule right now - but this is not because the AAP ran away. It’s because the BJP and Congress did.

* And currently that’s the situation. The AAP wants elections in Delhi. It believes it can clearly win a majority by itself. The Congress and the BJP are the “bhagodas” in Delhi, unwilling to face the electorate for the state legislative assembly right away.

* What they are hoping for, perhaps, is to try to win some presence in Parliament and then buy AAP legislators over to their side later. They believe the more they can delay elections in Delhi, the more they can create fear, uncertainty and doubt to try to get voters back to them.

Now these are the facts about who ran away and who didn’t. These might be useful, should you choose to get facts into your consideration at all, or should you want to share this note with others who might have a different understanding of what happened.

(And once again, BJP and Congress guys - do remember, if you try to get this deleted, I and many others have copies - and we’ll just put it right back up. Kinda pointless na? Thank you.)

Warm regards!

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मुलाहिज़ा हो मेरी भी उड़ान, पिंजरे में
अता हुए हैं मुझे दो जहान‍, पिंजरे में

है सैरगाह भी और इसमें आबोदाना भी
रखा गया है मेरा कितना ध्यान पिंजरे में

यहीं हलाक‍ हुआ है परिन्दा ख़्वाहिश का
तभी तो हैं ये लहू के निशान पिंजरे में

फलक पे जब भी परिन्दों की सफ़ नज़र आई
हुई हैं कितनी ही यादें जवान पिंजरे में

तरह तरह के सबक़ इसलिए रटाए गए
मैं भूल जाऊँ खुला आसमान पिंजरे में

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कहाँ तलक यूँ तमन्ना को दर-ब-दर देखूँ
सफ़र तमाम करूँ मैं भी अपना घर देखूँ

सुना है मीर से दुनिया है आइनाख़ाना
तो क्यों न फिर इस दुनिया को बन-सँवर देखूँ

छिड़ी है जंग मुझे ले के ख़ुद मेरे भीतर
फलक की बात रखूँ या शकिस्ताँ पर देखूँ

हरेक शय है नज़र में अभी बहुत धुँधली
पहाड़ियों से ज़मीं पर ज़रा उतर देखूँ

तलाश में है उसी दिन से मंज़िल मेरी
मैं ख़ुद में ठहरा हुआ जबसे इक सफ़र देखूँ

मेरे सुकून का कब पास अक्ल ने रक्खा
सहर के साथ ही मैं तपती दोपहर देखूँ

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